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Security Screens.

Your Personal Bodyguard.

Triple lock doors with super-strong mesh screen for that extra protection.

Perfect for Doors & Windows: 

Openable, Sliding & Sliding Folding

Security Screens_Header.jpg
Tamper Proof.png

Heavy Impact Resistant

Corrosion Resistant.png


Jemmy Tested.png



Knife Tested.png

Knife Shear


Pet Friendly.png


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Keeping you safe. Always.

01_High tensile Steel.jpg

High-Tensile Mesh

No breaking and entering threat.

MeshTec mesh is made of such high-tensile strength that it won't cut open even by an axe. 

Perimeter Locking System

Protected From Multiple Sides.

Common security screen doors have only one lock option, our doors have 3-side integrated locking.

02_Perimeter Locking.jpg
03_Fresh-air Flow.jpg

Fresh Air Flow

Breathe Easy.

Our mesh screens allow fresh air to flow into the house. So you can keep your wooden doors open and still feel extremely safe.

Powder Coated

Corrosion Free.

With powder-coated technology, our mesh screen can withstand rainwater as well as salty sea-winds without being corroded.

04_Corrosion Free.jpg
05_UV ray blocking.jpg

UV Rays Blocking

Blocks Harmful Rays.

Our mesh is so finely intertwined that it blocks out harmful UV rays and lowers inside room temperature as well.

Why not experience the product yourself?

Over 5,000 families have
their homes protected
by MeshWorkz.

Sleep better. Work better.



Perfect for travellers and late-risers, our blinds totally blocks out the light and helps you sleep better.

No more mosquito bites.

Insect Screens

Product 1.jpg

Our easy-to-use and easier-to-maintain insect screens are designed to stop all types insects to get inside your house.

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