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About Us

For the last decade, we have slowly worked our way to offer the finest screens, blinds, and security screens to our clients. We keep refining our screens and with every passing year, our screens have only gotten better and better.


Our Values

Every-little-thing matters.

Be Obsessed.png

Be Obsessed

We are always thinking of ways to build a better product or ways to serve our clients.

Be Transparent.png

Be Transparent

We don't like unpleasant surprises and we make sure our clients never get one either.

Be Kind.png

Be Kind

We always treat our clients the way we would like to be treated ourselves.

Our Products

Helping you relax.

Insect Screens

Don't let the bugs bite.

Product 1.jpg

Our easy-to-use and easier-to-maintain insect screens are designed to stop all types insects to get inside your house.


Sleep deeply. Feel great.


Perfect for travellers and late-risers, our blinds totally blocks out the light and helps you sleep better.

Security Screens

Protect your family.


Unlike a lock that bolts at one point, our door locks from 3 sides, with the added toughness of our secure mesh.

Our Presence

MeshWorkz everywhere.

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